Gift idea for Mother's Day - is there a gift idea?

This Sunday is Mother's Day, where we all want to thank our mother in a special way. When you think about what this gift could be, our nutritionist Kendra Vaino describes what vitamins to give your mother to support her health.

Gift idea 1 - iron

In the light of the approaching Mother's Day, I am writing to women. There are times in women's lives when we need to take into account the need for more vitamins and minerals. As a nutritionist, of course, I will say first of all that everything is based on a balanced diet, but there are still situations where the choice must also be made in favour of food supplements. For example, pregnant women have a higher need for folic acid to ensure the normal development of the fetus. So extra consumption is needed. As with donors, it is also important for women to monitor their haemoglobin levels due to monthly blood loss, and to take iron supplements as recommended by their doctor. This is also the case after bariatric surgery.

Iron is a mineral we need 10-15 mg a day. Iron is involved in the transport of oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. The body absorbs iron better from animal food than from plant food, so red meat and blood sausage on our Christmas table is like a national repellent of anaemia. Absorption of non-heme (vegetable) iron is improved by vitamin C.

Gift idea 2 - Vitamin C

The national minimum amount of vitamin C, i.e., the amount that prevents vitamin deficiency, is 100 mg per day (for example, 60 g of red pepper). Vitamin C requirements are higher in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers (+10 mg) as well as in smokers (+30 mg). However, the percentage of vitamin C absorbed is inversely proportional to the amount I take. So for better absorption, I take half of the NutriDream Vitamin C 1000 mg tablet and take it twice a day. Vitamin C as an antioxidant fights, among other things, free radicals and aging, especially when used in combination with other antioxidants such as selenium and zinc (zinc should not be taken with an iron preparation).

Gift idea 3 - Vitamin D

The spring sun and warmer weather allow our bodies to synthesize vitamin D through the skin. However, it is also worth checking this level from time to time with a blood test, especially if you feel tired. Vitamin D levels are higher in those who often eat fish and eggs. Unfortunately, when I analyse my clients' nutrition diaries, I mostly see vitamin D underconsumption. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin - it needs a high-fat diet to absorb, which in turn is needed by the body to absorb calcium.

The need for vitamin D is higher in people who exercise and do physical work. I would like to mention here that 75 nmol / L is the lower limit of the vitamin D standard and that toxicity starts from 250 nmol / L. However, the level of vitamin D in the blood rises slowly and depends on the medicine. Therefore, in case of a deficit, it is worth checking this level every two month. According to Estonian regulations, the dose to be used as an additive is 2000–4000 UI per day.

PS. Don't forget your grandmothers on Mother's Day, who would be very happy about the dietary supplement for ND joints, so that the step would remain easy and the joints would not hurt ;)

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