Nutritionist and trainer Kendra Vaino: I got help for my joint problems by consuming "Joint Formula"

  1. Talk a little about yourself: what work do you do and what are your hobbies?

Most of the time I give group trainings in MyFitness to both adults and youth groups. I am also one of the evaluators of Les Mills Nordic Team and Elite coaches. I graduated as a nutritionist this spring, but it has been preceded by a total of 600 hours of study at the level of a nutrition counselor and a health counselor. I am also a member of the Estonian Nutrition Therapy Association and the Estonian Association of Nutrition Counselors.

However, I feel most at home in the role of a trainer. I have had the opportunity to work with several companies in this field, conducting health weeks and giving lectures and trainings on nutrition. I'm happy, because my hobby has become my job - it is about dealing with young people, empowering people through trainings and counselling. I can also constantly engage in self-improvement in the field of cooking and develop my theoretical and practical skills


  1. Where did the interest in becoming a nutritionist come from and what exactly is this profession?

Coaching, healthy lifestyle and nutrition - I was closely involved in this field and it led to my studies as a nutritionist. Compared to a regular counselor, a nutrition therapist also deals with illness cases, based on the treatment guidelines from the Estonian Institute for Health Development's exercises and nutrition recommendations. In particular, it means individual counselling and continuous self-improvement.


  1. You have had two serious injuries with your knee. How have these changed your life?

I have had two serious injuries with my knee- first, in self-defense training during high school, my knee ligament ruptured and my meniscus broke, after which I had to give up sports that required sharp movements, but thanks to that I found a new favorite - running. The second injury was already in my coaching days, where cartilage was damaged as a result of overload, which unfortunately does not recover. 

I have lived through the moment when a doctor wakes you up from anesthesia and says that now your previous lifestyle is over- at that moment it feels like your life is falling apart. I was the first BodyAttack trainer in the Baltics and in addition to running it was my biggest passion. I was helped by the thought that it is always more beneficial to focus on opportunities than obstacles, and fortunately I found workouts that I can give despite my injury.

  1. Are you currently taking any NutriDream's supplements for your joints? Has it helped? 

I have been consuming glucosamine (1200 mg) as a prescription medicine for seven years since the last trauma, but one preparation was not suitable for me and the sale of the other was stopped in Estonia. So I started experimenting with NutriDream's Joint Formula. I started with a lower dosage in the beginning to see if it even works - here I am pleasantly surprised that that is the case.

The ingredients in NutriDream Joint Formula include collagen, one of the body's most important building proteins, and MSM, a sulfur compound needed by the body to form collagen. There is also a ginger ingredient, that relieves joint stiffness. In other words, based on my experience, I can encourage others to try this Joint Formula.


  1. Why is a healthy diet and constant exercise necessary for your body?

A healthy, balanced and needs-based diet with exercise helps you keep normal weight and thus, above all, prevent modern lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Compared to decades ago, our daily lives do not require as much exercise and physical effort, so we need to make adjustments to our diet and add physical activity. It is also important to make good and clean choices in today's abundant diet.


  1. Why does the body occasionally need an extra support in the form of food-supplements?

Of course, the body should get all the necessary nutrients from a balanced diet, but what I often see by analyzing different menus- that's is not the case. Nutritional deficiency can occur due to food intolerance, allergies or other non-human causes. The need for a food supplement can also be caused by seasonality, eating habits, a certain period in life or even heavy physical activity. Various defects in the body can be identified by a blood test. However, a food supplement is not a medicine and does not replace a balanced diet, but if necessary, we must provide additional support for our body.

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